Sunday, August 07, 2011

CHANEL MASQUE DÉSTRESSANT ÉCLAT anti-fatigue gel mask Review & Pictures

I have this face mask for a little while. I don't use it that often (about 1 - 2 times per week). I bought this about 6 months ago, It still has about a quarter left.

packaging:) normally i keep this in the refrigerator. 

It has a lid and a scoop come with it... I cant find the scoop any more LOL.

The texture is really liquidy.

How much:
$45(? I cant remember but around this price)
A mask that bathes tired and devitalised skin in powerful, radiance-boosting, relaxing care.
Thanks to a cocktail of energising active ingredients, this mask smoothes out the face through its spectacular toning effect.
Its deliciously soft texture boosts microcirculation and brings a deep feeling of well-being and freshness.

apply on my face, translucent:

Over all: 60/100
I love this mask, but it does not really work on me. I dont know why. The texture is really soft and it feels really good on the skin. But after I wash it off, there is no difference. It feel refresh for about 10 minutes. Well, I got this because I have a friend that used this for a long time. She said it works very well if you don't sleep all night and apply right before pitting make up on. I never tried that, but I apply it before I put make up on sometimes. It makes the foundation look more natural.

for people who want a instant hydration 

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