Sunday, July 17, 2011

❤❤❤ Wet n Wild Coloricon single eyeshadow C256 B ENVY/C250A Sugar Swatches & Review ❤❤❤

I love Wet n Wild. Its been my favourite drug store brand, but I never tried the single eyeshadow before just because I was bust collecting all the palette and Trio LOL.

 C256 B ENVY
It is a simmer green color, not super pigmented but good for everyday eye look.

C250A Sugar
not as shimmery as I swatched, almost like a matte color.

These are more like the colors in real life.

pigmentation           8.5/10
longevity                  9/10
application              8/10
packaging               10/10 (yea..the plastic does not feel cheap and the clear glass in top is really thick!)
fun to play with       10/10


What i like about this product: packaging
What i dont like about this product: pigmentation

Good for:people like lighter pigmented everyday colors
Bad for: people who like pigmented colors

Over all: I created a smokey eye look with this two colors ( of cause with some other colors, too ), the green is really easy to build up on a black base, it loos super intense. The white color is ok to be a base color, nothing special.

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