Tuesday, July 12, 2011

❤❤❤Paris Presents: Ultimate Face Set Review❤❤❤

I have been looking for a perfect face brush set which does not cost that much money. I am a big fan of make up brushes, not just those high end brushes.
This brush set is described as "high definition is the latest technology in color cosmetics, developed for glamorous, picture- perfect results. These brushes , with their tapered cut and quality design, work perfectly to give you that celebrity look every day."

I put my face make up on by using this brush set this morning ... i would say it is def not a bad brush set by paying only $11 or something like that. Actually I was quite impressed by the concealer brush  :) The handles are kinda short compare to other brushes, so at the beginning I thought it was a traveling brush set. you can definitely bring this set to travel since it comes with a bag.

from the left to the right: contoured cheek brush, foundation brush, mini powder brush, and deluxe concealer brush

It comes with a bag with is good for traveling.

When you open the plastic bag, this is a holder thing to hold the four brushes. I think it is pretty neat.

Contoured Cheek Brush:
This is a really good brush. I love the shape! This brush is super soft, and good for both cream & Powder to contour. I love to use this to apply my foundation, too. 5/5

Foundation Brush:

This brush can be only used by applying foundation. I own lots of foundation brushes. To me, this brush is too thin, but since this brush is synthetic, it does not soak any extra product. it is not soft enough for me, but it doesn't feel too prickly, either. I like the tip of this brush, it is good for nose area and fore head.  3/5

Deluxe concealer brush

This brush is good for set concealer by using powder product. Since I dont need  concealer every day, I use this as a detailed brush to apply foundation on small area, or contour my face by using darker shades foundations. It is good to use contour because it is softer than the foundation brush, and it is the right size for my face.  I love this brush. 4/5

Deluxe concealer brush

This is my fav from this brush set! It apples the concealer perfectly, and you can even use it as a smaller powder brush to set the concealer. It feels soft. 5/5

Softness                     10/10
packaging                   9/10


What i like about this product: price!
What i dont like about this product: no labels on the handles (looks cheap LOL)

Good for: beginners, people who need a brush set for face
Bad for: people do not like short handles

Thanks for looking!

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