Sunday, July 24, 2011

❤❤❤ Color Club AN05 JACKIE OH!

name: Color Club AN05 JACKIE OH!
finish: Neon (?)
This is a super bright pink! I have being wearing it for about three days, and the color stays on pretty good!



I did not do a good job on stamping LOL

Color: NeonPink
Brand: Color club
How much: $3

Personal Requirements (my personal requirement for nail polishes):  
color              √ 
pigmentation   √ 
long lasting     (more than 5 days)
scented           √   
application     ok
price              cheap

Over All :  95/100
I love this! After using the neon green color, i was kinda upset about color club, but this color totally changed my thought! Perfect coverage and super bright color.... thats exactly what i want from a bright color nail polish! If you like neon color, you can never miss this :)


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