Saturday, January 25, 2014

Hi :) recent update and other stuff...

Hi Hi Hi..
I know I am out of the blogger world and even instagram world for a while…. thats because... I am pregnant again! Well, I know thats not the excuse but this pregnancy is more difficult than my first one.  I just want to lay in bed and do nothing! And my hormone is like crazy... Anyway I am currently 34 weeks and my due day is March 3. So I am almost done. Hopefully I will do more posts after the baby.

As I said this pregnancy is driving me crazy (and my husband too)…I have being looking for a away to calm myself down…my mom told me to wear jade. My mom is a true believer of Feng Shui and all that stuff. Since nothing worked so I started wearing more natural stone made jewelry. I can't say it's not working but it is kinda magical. And I feel like I need to share this… So I opened a Etsy store selling natural stone bracelet and necklace! If you want to check it out:

Any way I hope I will be back soon… I haven't logged into my blogger account for a while and I just found out I have over 230000 views…THANK YOU for the love!


Here are some products:

Monday, July 22, 2013

MAC 'Illustrated' Face Kit (Plum) (Nordstrom Exclusive)

Hi ! I am back :)
I finally got my domain name back! Google really messed up this time but at least they fixed it.
This year i only got one set from the NSale. Its just nothing else caught my eyes! I remember last year I had some good luck with MAC so I decided to get another mac palette.

Kit includes:
Matte Powder Blush in Mocha (0.18 oz.): a plum pink. This is a really settle color. It works for lighter skintone. This color is really natural.

Matte Eyeshadow in Yogurt (0.03 oz.): a soft, pale pink.
Satin Eyeshadow in Plum Reduction (0.03 oz.): a light satin brown.
Lustre Eyeshadow in Romance Me (0.03 oz.): a warm plum with gold-tone pearl.
Satin Eyeshadow in Heathers Belles (0.03 oz.): an intense black.
All the eyeshadow are not quite pigmented. They are just really settle, good for a everyday kinda look. My favorite color is Romance Me! It is just so pretty for a over all color. I can use it alone and it will look nice.

Amplified Lipstick in Blankety (0.018 oz.): a soft pink beige.
Lustre Lipstick in Syrup (0.018 oz.): a cloudy pink.
Duo brush with 275 SE Medium Angled Shading Brush and 316 SE Lip Brush.
The lip colors go very well with a plumy smokey eye.

Overall if you like a settle look, not so crazy for every day. This is for you.

Thanks for looking!

Monday, July 08, 2013

MAC Tropical Taboo Adored, Simmer, Time to Tango and Orpheus

Google has been a B****h to me. They sent me a email saying I need to renew my domain, when I click through the link, instead ofd sending me to the purchase link, it sent me to like a signing in website, it is so confusing! So I tried with every single email and password combo I could use but nothing worked. So I called google, I couldn't even find a costumer service number! But finally I found a like the good wallet number, when I called, of course they didn't know what I was talking about, and I ask her if you can transfer me to someone knows the problem she said she can't help me... WTF?! So I don't know what to do now... that's why I have't been updating my blog because I may lose everything on here. I HATE google. 

On to the makeup. I alway get mac from Norstrom Website because I can get points from MYPOINTS.COM to get gift card. I didn't pick out too many from this collection but I think I need more...

MAC Tropical Taboo Mineralize Skinfinishes
 i really like this MSF. I love the sheen in this powder. On my face it doesn't look too red if i use all over my face. I do notice I can't use this under my eyes it will make my under eye looks dry for some reason.

MAC Tropical Taboo Simmer Mineralize Blushes
This blush is super pigmented! I do prefer the overall color, it is a shimmery pink. It also last pretty long my me. I think this is the prettiest out of the three. The texture is a bit powdery.

MAC Tropical Taboo Time to Tango Mineralize Eyeshadows
I absolutely love the color. Normally I don't wear silver because I don't look good on silver. This color has a purple tint to it so it makes it so wearable for me. It also has a little bit gold in it to make the color a bit warmer. The thing with this color is a need to use a too faced glitter glue under it if I use it dry. If I don't the color will get chalky and lose its pigmentation in like a few hrs.

MAC Orpheus Kohl Power Eye Pencil 
This color is such a beauty.  i would describe the color deep brown with a metallic gold sheen. It is very Unique. This is my first Kohl eye pencil from MAC. I used on my lower lash line and it lasts about 5 hrs without smudging which is ok... The texture is not too soft but not like hard to use.

- Orpheus - Adored - Simmer - Simmer - Simmer -

- Time to Tango -

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Wet n Wild Fergie Summer Limited Edition Shades of the Hamptons and Newport Nights

I found the Wnw new LE eyeshadows! I don't really care for the Fergie line... I had all the colors but they are just ok to me...

Each shade has totally different texture. The picture showing below is from shades of the Hamptons, The color is too soft. When I dipped my finger into the pan I accidentally "Hit" the pan (whats in the world?!) This has never happen to me before. All the colors are soft but kinda chalky. None of the colors are super special or super pigmented. I would say if you like this kinda texture you should check them out, other wise if you are expecting the pigmentation just like their trio, this is not what you are looking for...

Monday, June 17, 2013

Flower Beauty Shadow Play Eye Shadow Quad EQ4 Smoke & Mirrors

We all heard about flower beauty, Drew Barrymore's makeup line for Walmart. This brand's quality  claims to be just as good as high end beauty but at a affordable price. I tried a foundation stick, a lip butter and a single cream eyeshadow. I don't really care for the eyeshadow or the foundation, but I love the lip butter. It is not too pigmented but gives my lip the right amount of coverage. It  is also moisturizing. The texture is not as soft but i don't like soft lip butter anyway.

Flower Shadow Play Eye Shadow Quad - $9.98 -0.21oz/6g
I bought it in store, and it is a bit more expensive. The packaging is quite cute. It shapes like a a flower. The shadows looks hard but they are quite soft but not chalky. On the to pigmentation, They are just ok. I really like the highlight color. I was excited about the darkest color but on eyes it just looks black. There is no sparkle or anything. i like the two blending colors, they have the right texture for blending in between highlight color and eyelid colors. They did last all day without creasing but I used a black base and a primer. This makeup line is quite interesting to me i think i will keep trying new things from them. Oh... I really don't think these shadows are as good as high end shadows... but still decent. It's definitely worth the price.

Thanks for Looking!

Saturday, June 15, 2013

e.l.f. Studio Long-Lasting Lustrous Eyeshadow Toast, Soiree, Gala, and Festivity

Happy Weekend :)
I love E.L.F. Their prices are always so cheap! And they have a lot of verity! Well because of the price range it have a lot hits and misses... you really just need to try out yourself.

 -Toast - Soiree - Gala - Festivity -

-Toast - Soiree - Gala - Festivity -

-Toast - Soiree - Gala - Festivity -

-Toast - Soiree - Gala - Festivity -

-Toast - Soiree - Gala - Festivity -

-Toast - Soiree - Gala - Festivity -

-Toast - Soiree - Gala - Festivity -

-Toast - Soiree - Gala - Festivity -

e.l.f. Studio Long-Lasting Lustrous Eyeshadow - $3.00 - 0.11oz/3.0g
These are not new but they are definitely one of the popular items from E.L.F. I first heard about them on youtube. One of the youtube gurus talked about them and she compared these with the Chanel ones.   I only have two Chanel ones but I don't find them too similar. The E.L.F ones are very soft. I can't get a good swatch if i don't really dip my fingers in the pots (the picture showing below is after I swatched all them, you can see I really need to get the product out of there). It is kinda a good thing because you can really build up the color. If you like it sheer you can just use a tiny bit but if you like it intense, you can apply more. The texture is quite interesting. It is mouse but more spongy. The colors are a little bit hard to blend but all you need just a good brush.
I do like the intensity of the colors. I tried on festivity alone and it lasted all day without creasing. I did use a primer tho. I had on all day(12 hrs) the colors didn't fade but I did see some fallout because the shade is very glittery sparkly. So if you don't like sparkly I would say don't try them.
Overall I recommend to those of you that like shimmery sparkly shadows. Also for people that are lazy like me just want to throw on some eyeshadows and leave the house in 10 mins.

-Toast - Soiree - Gala - Festivity -

 - Festivity -

 - Festivity -

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Giorgio Armani Fluid Sheer No.8

Long time no see :) Just want to get on here to post about my new favorite - Giorgio Armani Fluid Sheer No.8.
I have been wanting this but I am just not really into highlighters. I always feel like the highlighter makes my face looks oily. No matter how I use it. But I never tried a pink highlight before.

Giorgio Armani Fluid Sheer No.8 - $58 - 1oz.
I love this color. It is pink with sparkle(Almost glittery) but on my face it sheered out so much that you don't see any sparkle particles. It does't look like a bunch of chunky glitters with pink undertone or anything close. It is just a very natural sheen with a little tiny bit of pink in it. I also tried as a foundation primer. it just helps to bring out my natural pink undertone. I am thinking about getting more but at this price range i may just gonna use this one up first.

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